Atal Utkrisht GIC Gopeshwar

About Us

Shri 1008 Geeta Swami Govt. Inter College is blessed from Gopinathji in the center and Shri Rudranathji and Mata Anusuya in the north of the town. Our school was founded by Saint Shree 1008 Geeta Swami who is synonymous of devotion, who devoted whole office land for the well being and education of children of almost 09 adjoining villages.

Shri 1008 Geeta Swami inter college was founded in 1960 as a Government High School then upgraded as Intermediate School in 1962. This used to be a pioneering intermediate school in Uttar Pradesh state. School has a big campus with an ideological beautiful panoramic location in the mid of the town.

At present school has well maintained campus with 06 dedicated blocks which caters administration, science, commerce, humanity, NCC, NSS and a big auditorium which is as big to fulfill the requirements of all the district level meeting, conferences and seminars. At present school is catering almost 500 students from all the corners of the district. School is blessed to have highly intellectual teaching staff in all the subjects with a highly experience, dynamic principal. School have many achievements in different segments, whether it is in the field of administration, engineering, medical,sports, NCC, NSS, commerce and humanity. Students of GIC Gopeshwar are offering their wonderful services to the country.

So far school has some milestones in the field of administration as Mr. Prashant Badal Negi who cleared IAS exam. in year 2020 by achieving 297 AIR, in sports Mr. Manish Rawat who participated in year 2016 Olympics and many more in different segements. Recently school is registered and affiliated in CBSE as Atal Utkrisht Vidhyalaya of school education. This is the least not the last about us. You just have a visit to the school and make your children's future bright.

How To Reach UsTo raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that House in which it shall have been elected, and he shall not be returned by the Thirteenth Amendment.Contact UsAtal Utkrisht Govt. Inter College Gopeshwar, Chamoli, 246401